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A Deadly Education (Hardcover, 2020, Del Rey) 5 stars

A Deadly Education is set at Scholomance, a school for the magically gifted where failure …

Perfectly dark. Perfectly humorous.

5 stars

I love fantasy novels and Harry Potter holds a special place in my heart, so finding a new British school book that's darker, gripping, and has a very different style of magic was extremely exciting. Try this book and you won't be disappointed. I will admit that I was annoyed by the MC in the beginning, but that fell away as I was introduced to the world and her own character developed.

Flowers for Algernon (1978, Bantam Books) 5 stars

FLOWERS FOR ALGERNON made its first appearance as a short story which was rapidly and …

Gripping Story

5 stars

This was a great book! It is clear why it won so many awards. You know the conclusion almost immediately, but the tale is gripping and interesting enough for you to see how it gets there. Flowers for Algernon is about love, loss, and most importantly self-discovery. My only complaint is that the book is a bit slow to start with all the bad grammar but that comes with the territory. All in all recommended.

These Tangled Vines (Paperback, 2021, Lake Union Publishing) 4 stars

If Fiona has learned anything in life, it’s how to keep a secret―even from the …

Enjoyable book with a nice if a bit cliché message

4 stars

This is my first review on this platform, and a bit off genre for me so excuse any weirdness. This book is relatively short, only 296 pages on my kindle and 304 on the paperback. It explores both a woman uncovering the secrets surrounding her biological father's and mother's affair and how it went down from her mother's point of view. Their is quite a bit of character switching in this book, but even as a person not a fan of the practice, I did not find it too jarring. I do like how the main protagonist's view of the events becomes more complex and understanding of all parties, especially in the chapter before the epilogue.

About the message I mentioned in the title, it is actually explicitly stated in form of the protagonist's thoughts. To summarize, it's about not letting your regrets define you and to count your blessing, …