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Emerging fiction writer/poet of mixed heritage, Haudenosaunee (Cayuga) and Hungarian, living in Ontario, Canada. Published in Room Magazine, Vocamus Press, Humber Literary Review, Canadian Authors Association – Toronto. Love #writing, #art, #tech, and how they intersect. On Mastodon

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The stone gods (2007, Hamish Hamilton) 5 stars

This new world weighs a yatto-gram.

But everything is trial-size; tread-on-me-tiny or blurred-out-offocus huge. There …

Second Reading

5 stars

Wonderful. Winterson claims that the mind can't tell the difference between the past and future. Only now and not now. And the story goes round and round and round.

Flowers for Algernon (Bantam Classic) (1984, Bantam) 5 stars

Until he was thirty-two, Charlie Gordon --gentle, amiable, oddly engaging-- had lived in a kind …

Still Haunts Me

5 stars

This was part of my middle school curriculum. I initially read it in seventh grade and a few times later in my early teens. This is one of the few books that I have a full memory of. It haunted me. It still does. Is it better to have something and lose it or never have it at all?

Writing and Workshopping Poetry (Paperback, 2016, Broadview Press) 5 stars

Most texts on creative writing emphasize either sources of inspiration or strategies for editing. The …

Lots of useful information on writing poetry and exercises to practice the concepts learned. It's like taking a class without the tuition. If you're like me and know next to nothing about the mechanics of poetry writing, this book is for you.

Anne of Green Gables (Paperback, 1994, Puffin Books) 5 stars

Anne, an eleven-year-old orphan, is sent by mistake to live with a lonely, middle-aged brother …

A Special Place in my Heart

5 stars

My mother was a teenager when she gave birth to me. She read this book while she was pregnant and, when I was born, she named me after the protagonist. Anne with an "E". I first read this book when I was nine years old, sitting in a car during a rainstorm. I started in the morning and finished just as it was getting dark and my mother called me inside. I've read it many times since, along with the entire series. It gave me a safe world to live in. I love them all.

A Mind Spread Out on the Ground (Hardcover, 2019, Doubleday Canada) 5 stars

In an urgent and visceral work that asks essential questions about the treatment of Native …

Like going home

5 stars

These essays illuminate a lot of my own family memories and traumas. This makes it both a difficult read and a nostalgic read. Going home when home is a difficult place brings up feelings that are difficult to explain to people outside of those experiences but Alicia manages to bring the reader in without turning her stories into trauma porn.

finished reading The Snakes by Sadie Jones

The Snakes (Hardcover, Harper) 4 stars

THE SNAKES tells the tense and violent story of the Adamsons, a dysfunctional English family, …

A page turner. Engaging story and characters. Didn't care for the red herring. Felt like it should've gone somewhere but fizzled out without comment from what I remember.

Split Tooth (2019, Penguin Random House) 5 stars

Like Memory, Dream, Legend, Song

5 stars

I'm not even sure I can call this a novel so much as an experience. Intensely poetic and crass, the main character's narrative slips in and out of dreams and, by the end of the book, a character of legend. The unflinching look at childhood trauma can be difficult to read.